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Experience and know-how in the food sector is the strength of Qores

The Food division has a central place within Qores.
Our business philosophy is very clear. We promote the concept of quality combined with that of food safety.
To achieve our goal, we approach the market in an in-depth and dynamic way.

The health of the final consumer and the success of partner companies are our guidelines.
To provide adequate advice to a company in the food sector it is necessary to have two elements at your disposal:
important partners and market know-how.

Consulting, support and distribution services offered by Qores make the difference

The intervention of Qores in support of companies operating in the food sector is expressed in three different divisions.
Bakery, Savory and Dairy make up the mosaic of the market in which our company operates.
A variety of situations and problems that we know how to deal with thanks to our experience and our flexibility.