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Techology and the continuous drive for innovation are the particularities that characterize the market and products of the dairy sector. All the new trends, therefore, have developed around the study and research of finished products with the focus on nutritional well-being.

Our dairy division caters to the dairy, yogurt, dessert, processed cheese and analogue sectors.

Qores offers:



Functional and customized blends

Qores: nutritional well-being and technology

Our customers have, above all, needs in terms of products and process solutions. Qores supports them with a consultative approach that can greatly facilitate the search for solutions to these needs.

In particular, our application laboratory is ideal for studying new products and / or new ingredient solutions. Qores is always in step with the market. Our business philosophy leads us to be a point of reference not only as a distributor, but also as an active partner of companies in the dairy sector.