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Confectionery industry: the challenge of the global market

The confectionery industry has evolved a lot in recent years. The global market, the increasingly personalized needs and the quality of consumer requests are major challenges.

We have accepted and won these challenges by using our skills: innovation and flexibility. We help our clients develop new applications and / or build projects from scratch.
We can provide our advice or continuous collaboration even during the construction phase.

Qores offers:


Candies, sugared almonds, dragées and chocolate dragées, are the applications that we offer to the confectionery industries, having in mind the satisfaction of the final customer. Many years of experience and the drive for innovation are the basis of the projects involving these products.

We provide market leading solutions in both performance and effectiveness. We offer a broad understanding of manufacturing processes and experience in the areas of glazes, coating agents, release agents and cake sealers.
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