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Bakery sector has undergone significant changes
following the changed consumption habits.
To be competitive, extensive technological and product development is required.
Trends and market needs become more and more specific year after year.

Qores puts its know-how and experience at the service of the companies that operate in this part of the food market.
In particular, the bakery division caters to industrial bakery, milling and bakery products industry.

Qores offers:



Functional and customized blends

Enzymatic solutions

Technological development and customization,
Qores for the company

Our team of professionals works by giving technical support to companies that have to solve production, formulation or research problems.
The internal development laboratory is used to study, together with the customer, new products and new ingredient solutions.
The basic objective is to meet customer expectations and translate production needs into solutions.

Qores can count on two internal production lines designed to offer flexibility, design capabilities and customized functional blends.
All of this is part of a corporate vision that aims to make the company a point of reference for the entire bakery sector.
Not just a distributor, but an active partner for all customers.